Custom Tailor in Hong Kong

Almost of the customers have the great intention to view with their naked eyes the fabric swatches after once ordered through the online to the reputed tailor shop for their most dreaming suit, shirt or any other costume that has selected by the clients. It has seen often that the color you have seen on the screen sometimes it differs what you have felt to have actually.

At Double M Tailor when a client order for their shirt, suit, or any handmade tailor garment through online then we understand this intensively the intention of the customer regarding on their fabric selection which is how much important for them to have a look practically.

That is why we offer to our online customer the option of the fabric sample for sending to their exact website to the straight hometown wherein they live within 10 to 15 days after the commencement of the business dealing.

Best Hong Kong Men Tailor

On seeing the website screen regarding on our reputed and custom tailors in Hong Kong wherein you would get the option for selecting 24 fabric samples altogether for your choicest garment. We have regarded as the best Hong Kong men tailor due to ours have the highest stitching custom tailors to give the meticulous sewing attachment what the customers deserved.

Custom Tailored Men Shirts

Our skilled tailor sewed the custom sewing pattern to men’s shirts that makes as the custom tailored men shirts and also there are different fabrics which are suitable for the suit, coat, pant, trouser, suit for lady, jackets, overcoat and many more.

Using our Fabric Swatches service is very simple:
1. Click on fabric swatch option and choose fabric
2. You can select up to 24 fabrics
3. You will receive the samples in approximately 10 days.
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