Popular Tailor in Hong Kong

The tailor is the finest sewing fitted cloths maker which could give the outstanding appearance of your garments with the meticulous stitching pattern which has the great demand all through the globe and great applause as a popular tailor in Hong Kong. we have recognized as the best stitching pattern in making men’s and women’s costumes and that has hugged us globally by our online demanded customers that are scattered all through the world.

The thirst of fashion designing and elegant appearance of the garments has made us to give the best fabric sewing through our competent tailor on the demand of the customer which has persuaded us as the recommended tailors in Hong Kong for all clients globally.

Best Suit Tailor in Hong Kong

On the enhancement of the men’s personality the suits have taken the most important part as the regarded whole worldwide the highest preference garment and we give only the ultimate stitching fabric pattern on all men’s garment which has brought us as the reputation of the best suit tailor in Hong Kong.At Double M Tailor the stitched fabrics are fabulous and best fitted which has made us as the top famous tailor in Hong Kong. We offer variety of sewing fabrics for all clients such as suit, coat, trouser, shirt or formal wear for men and women.

The specific handmade and handcrafted utilization of the fabrics is collected from the best fabric mills to give the finished and magnificent sewing pattern so that the garments are manufactured in best quality through our skilled tailors. We have great experience in the fabric industry to provide the suitable dresses to our clients at an inexpensive sewing charge but the stitching fabric is totally uncompromising with the quality which has regarded us as the best reasonable tailor in Hong Kong. Our most popular men and women garments are the sports jackets, waist coat, single and double breasted coat, topcoat, blouse, blazers in a variety of style and design along with other fashionable outfits.

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When ordering a suit, shirt, trouser or any tailor made garment online or in store we know that feeling the fabric is very important! The exact color of the fabric may differ depending on your screen. This is why we provide you with the opportunity to receive samples of any fabrics you find on our website straight to your home. The customers will receive the swatches in 10 to 15 business days. You can pick 24 fabrics at most

Using our Fabric Swatches service is very simple:


Click on fabric swatch option
and choose fabric


You can select up to 24


You will receive the samples
in approximately 10 days.

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Find the latest breaking news from us


Find the latest breaking news from us

Double M Tailor measurement process is a unique and step by step guide that helps to create 100% custom fit in every detail. This process guides you how to measure each body part accurately and whether to leave some spaces or extra inches as these are tailored made garments. Follow our measurement process which makes your custom made clothing experience pleasurable.